Autumn is just around the corner!

The leaves are starting to fall…not turning colors but just turning brown and falling to the ground.  We have been in such a bad drought here in NC.  Since it has been so hot and dry, I have stayed inside where it is cool and been working on new creations for a doll I just purchesed.  She is Ellowyne Wilde and she is really enjoying the outfits I am making for her!  Soon it will be Halloween, then onto Thanksgiving and before you know it Christmas and then the New Year!  How time passes so quickly.  Here are some of my Ellowyne Creations for you to view!  Not to forget the other items I crochet here is just a sample of some hats and snoods I love to make.  Come visit my etsy shop


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Snoods for Children and Adults

I was making snoods for my Blythe Doll and when my granddaughter saw them she wanted one.  She picked Black and White as her colors.  I was excited to see how cute it looked on her.  When she came the next time she picked the colors for another one.  I have tried everything I know to get her interested in crocheting but as of yet she has no interest in it.  I am hoping that will change.







With the success of making these 2 cute snoods for Taylor I was ready to take the plunge and make some Adult Snoods.  Like any other obsession….LOL….you can see what happened!!!






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My New Creation

I was looking for something different to make and decided to try to make a Snood.  It was exciting to create this and I hope that it will be a good seller in my Etsy Shop. 

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Spring has sprung!

Yummy Watermelon Blythe HatColor My World Blythe HatCotton Candy Blythe HatI have been putting off adding on my blog but do need to add some new pictures of some of the items in my Etsy shop.  Please vist there to see more of my creations.

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Day 2: I am rested and ready to try again!

I hope I can remember what to do.  Here are some of my troll outfits.  Trolls are so uniquely themselves in a cute odd sort of way…sometimes the beauty of a troll is in the eye of the beholder.  When I dress these Vintage Trolls I can see them smiling at the new tranformation:

St. Patrick’s Day OutfitLilac with Fluff TrimVintage Rootie TrollOrange Like a PumpkinCherries JubileeMidnight GoddessPeaches and CreamShades of Purple

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This is my first try!

I am just learning how to do this and am very confused but will keep at it till I get it right!

Easter ParadeLime Me To The MoonGood Golly Miss MollyRed DivaBe MineLavender Springtime

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