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Snoods for Children and Adults

I was making snoods for my Blythe Doll and when my granddaughter saw them she wanted one.  She picked Black and White as her colors.  I was excited to see how cute it looked on her.  When she came the next time she picked the colors for another one.  I have tried everything I know to get her interested in crocheting but as of yet she has no interest in it.  I am hoping that will change.







With the success of making these 2 cute snoods for Taylor I was ready to take the plunge and make some Adult Snoods.  Like any other obsession….LOL….you can see what happened!!!







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My New Creation

I was looking for something different to make and decided to try to make a Snood.  It was exciting to create this and I hope that it will be a good seller in my Etsy Shop. 

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